Specially in Port ?

I left this place 3 days ago now, after my last working day in the laundry (I don't have to work anymore for 2006). I was really surprised to see how nice my colleagues were with me... I mean more than usual. They washed all my clothes and shoes, they ironed everything and keep my camping stuff (lamp, plastic boxes, ...) and my bike for next year when I'll be back. They told me "If you have any problem, call us, wherever you are, ... just call us and you can work with us again". Amazing !!! They even gave me 20 bucks with a word "buy yourself a coffee in Cairns and thank you for the hard work". Ok, "hard work" made me laugh but so much kidness from people I met only 2 months ago...

It was really a perfect day... Until I spoke with a fuckin' french (from Marseille) who is permanent in Sheraton. He told me : Oh, you're leaving, Are you going back to France ? For myself I'll be back next september. I'm really looking forward to run after young arabs and kick them...". Fuck you guy !!!! But anyway, I don't want to think about him.

The night before i went to say good bye to my Mango Jam's colleagues. Mitch, Keemo, Stu, Christo, Jarrod, Greg, Deamo, Richie and co are as awesome as Peter, Ken, Margaret, Kenneth, Mark, Beth, John and everybody in the laundry.